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J recorded and performed with a variety of local bands in his hometown of Los Angeles (Morrownow, Eisenflowers, Delicious, Thief Party, Shake That Bear) before venturing out as a solo artist. Incorporating a range of styles in his music, including garage and psychedelic rock, Americana, and electronic elements, expect to hear strong, cutting vocals, big guitars, reverb-drenched synths, and punchy drums.

A solo recording artist since 2009, J released his most recent EP, New Days Coming, in 2019 after spending the final months of 2018 in the studio. Written during a period of transition and uncertainty, the record’s sound spans the emotional spectrum from dark and foreboding to reflective and optimistic. In the title track, J sings “new days are coming, the shifting skies were sudden—gotta pull myself up and into the night,” communicating the urgency of self-transformation, though listeners are left wondering what will come of it.




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Photograph by Jeremy David Creative